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Smartmotor Technology Delivers Significant Industry Advancements

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Smartmotor Technology Delivers Significant Industry Advancements

Smartmotor Technology Delivers Significant Industry Advancements

The Animatics SmartMotor is a complete, compact, and user-friendly integrated motion control system. Check out what the new Class 5 SmartMotor can do for you!

The Technology

The Animatics SmartMotor is the most powerful and advanced integrated motor of its kind. It is an integrated motion controller featuring a brushless DC servo motor, motion controller, amplifier and feedback encoder. The new Class 5 SmartMotor is from the existing motor line and hardware interface but delivers significant industry advancements and greatly improved processing capabilities.

The Class 5 SmartMotor introduces high speed transparent communications over CAN bus. With the optional Combitronic technology that uses a CAN serial port to join all SmartMotors, any motor on the network can read, write or control any other motor. Up to 255 SmartMotor units can become one multi-tasking, data-sharing system.

A short list of additional features includes:
• Faster Processor is 7 to 10 times faster than existing Class 4 motors
• Faster Communications Speeds, up to 115.2KBaud
• “Back Bone” Transparent Communications over CAN Bus (optional)
• Multi-Port Simultaneous Communications, RS-232/RS-485/CAN bus
• Enhanced Trap Mode and Sine Mode Commutation
• Higher Frequency PID update rate
• Expanded Math Function Capability
• Derivative Error Limit feature quickly detects jams for safer operation and less chance of damage to equipment or injury to machine operators.
• Increased I/O Interrupt Assignments
• Software Programmable Limits can be set to trigger interrupts w/o fault
• Increased System Status Bit Registers for advanced diagnostics
• 10 Additional Points of Isolated 24V I/O configurable as either inputs, outputs, or analog inputs

The Applications

The SmartMotor has the ability to perform multi-axis motion—including stand-alone coordinated motion—along with standard network bus capabilities, optional DeviceNet, CANopen, and Ethernet fieldbus protocol, and highly flexible on-board and expandable I/O.

It is suitable for a wide variety of applications. A sampling include: automatic web tensioning/alignment, bearing inserters/presses, glass tube cutting, phase gearhead adjusting, pick and place palletizers, and wafer handlers.

The Benefits

The SmartMotor’s benefits are seen in its combination of programmability ease, networking capability, highly flexible and expandable I/O, and high power density servo performance.

Additional benefits include:

• Increase MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): With only a quarter of the number of parts in a traditional servo system, the elimination of cabling between those parts and our robust design means fewer parts and greater reliability.

• Increase Throughput: SmartMotor servos will increase the machine throughput for end users as well as increase the rate of machine replication for machine builders.

• Reduce Costs: Fewer parts will cost you less. You can completely eliminate drive and control cabinets from your machine.

• Reduce Development Time: Our little black box truly is magic. Watch the time you used to spend integrating and packaging multiple components and dealing with an array of suppliers reappear.

For more information, please contact us at 800-236-0607.