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Need A Minivation

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Need A Minivation

Need A Minivation

The miniTwin is a safety light curtain with integrated intelligence in a minimized format.
Check out what the new “minivation” can do for you!

The Technology

The miniTwin offers the simplest handling for maximum availability. For the first time, sender and receiver elements have been integrated in an extremely compact housing—120 mm all inclusive.

The small housing enables safety concepts that permit compact machine design and increases productivity through optimized work processes. The miniTwin safety light curtain is suitable for every mounting type and any machine design. Cycle and equipping times can be optimized without interfering with the operator’s work process. The short response time and high resolution permit short safety distances between the light curtain and the hazardous movement. Free access and minimized safety distances accelerate processes and increase the availability of production equipment.

The Applications

The miniTwin safety light curtain provides innovative safety solutions for finger, hand, and access protection. It can be used in flexible serial production of small batch sizes and in low-level serial production. A variety of industries can profit from this, including automotive manufacturing, industrial robots, electronics, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage packaging.

The Benefits

Miniaturization optimizes machine integration, permits cost-cutting standardization and simplifies handling.

Miniaturization creates space
• Very compact housing
• No blind zones
• More ergonomic work processes
Standardization reduces costs
• miniTwin offers both stand-alone and cascade use
• MiniTwin is both sender and receiver unit
Simplest handling for maximum availability
• Simplified installation through application-specific brackets
• LED-guided start-up
• Rapid alignment through colored LEDs
• Rapid, easy wiring
• Intelligent configuration without software

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