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Digital Servo Drive And Controller In One High-performance Product

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Digital Servo Drive And Controller In One High-performance Product

Digital Servo Drive And Controller In One High-performance Product

The Aries Controller combines the powerful features of the ACR Controller with the Aries digital servo drive for a complete stand-alone servo solution in one small package.

The Technology

The Aries Controller allows users a single-axis servo drive/controller with Ethernet communication and HMI connectivity. The Aries Controller is configured, tuned and programmed using Parker’s comprehensive ACRView software environment. The ACRView environment also supports Parker’s traditional analog multi-axis controls and drives and the Ethernet Powerlink motionbus system, allowing users to switch between single-axis and multi-axis projects without having to relearn a different programming language or environment, saving time and lowering overall motion costs.

The Applications

The Aries Controller can be used in any application where only a single-axis of motion is required or in applications where multi-axis control does not need to be coordinated. Examples include simple machines with single-axis servo control, PLC based systems with single- or multi-axis servo requirements, and PC based systems using Ethernet communications.

The Benefits

The Aries Controller single-axis servo drive delivers a wide range of standalone capabilities. The Aries Controller combines the performance benefits of the Aries digital servo drive with the industry-leading ACR9000 controller platform. With Ethernet connectivity, onboard I/O, and easy-to-use project development tools, commissioning single-axis motion is simple and efficient.

The benefits, including multitasking programmability to encoder-based following with real-time phase advance, make the Aries Controller the highest-performance single-axis controller in its class.

Additional benefits include:
• Multitasking of up to 16 simultaneous programs;
• Position, velocity and torque control;
• Incremental or absolute motion;
• Trapezoidal or segmented move profiles;
• On-the-fly motion parameter changes;
• Linear and S-curve accelerations;
• On-board programmable limit switches;
• High-speed (1us) position capture registers;
• Registration and indexing moves;
• Electronic gearing with real-time phase advance

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